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19 Examples of Work Goals

 , February 20, 2020
Work goals are targets that an individual sets for their work. These are typically set on an annual basis as part of performance management. Work goals are usually designed to align to those of your manager, team and organization. Many organizations also require that they be smart meaning that they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Goals are often broken down to lower level objectives that are meaningful steps on the path to each goal. The following are illustrative examples.


Goal Increase revenue by 20% on a year-over-year basis for Q4.
ObjectivesIncrease targeted advertising spend by 10%.
Increase conversion rate to 2.3%.
MeasurementsRevenue, conversion rate


GoalIncrease throughput of change requests by 15%.
ObjectivesImplement change request tool to quickly evaluate and prioritize change requests.
Identify quick wins each month to increase productivity.
Target DateEnd of Q2
MeasurementsTotal story points implemented in a month.


Goal Reduce herbicide use by 20% without impacting yield.
ObjectivesExperiment with companion plantings that may allow herbicides to be reduced or eliminated.
Identify techniques that work and scale to the entire farm.
Target DateA 20% decrease for the 2029 Spring-Summer season.
MeasurementsYield per hectare, pounds of herbicide per hectare per month

Work Quality

GoalImprove the quality of project documentation.
ObjectivesDevelop templates that improve common project documentation such as change requests and requirements.
Work diligently to improve documentation and communication.
Ask stakeholders for feedback.
MeasurementsFeedback from stakeholders

Customer Satisfaction

Goal Improve customer satisfaction by 12%.
ObjectivesIdentify ways to improve customer satisfaction with front desk services and implement.
Increase the number of free room upgrades by making use of unused inventory of suites and premium rooms.
Train staff to quickly identify and service special needs such as guests with young children.
Target dateImprovement each quarter with 12% improvement by Q4.
MeasurementsCustomer satisfaction as measured at the front desk.

Cost Reduction

GoalReduce IT opex by 1.2 million per annum.
ObjectivesPerform a review of legacy systems.
Identify systems that can be retired and prioritize those that will reduce recurring costs.
Sponsor projects to retire systems including elements such as process changes and data migration.
Cancel license and support agreements related to retired systems.
Target dateImplement changes this year to reduce opex for next year's budget.
MeasurementsOpex cost reduction


Goal Manage the service provisioning process.
ObjectivesDeliver quality services to customers within the agreed upon timeframe.
MeasurementsCustomer satisfaction, on time delivery rate, first month service incidents
Targets90% customer satisfaction
99% on time delivery rate
0 first month service incidents

Process Improvements

GoalImprove the turnaround time for the month end billing cycle to issue bills within 3 days of month end.
ObjectivesImplement system and process improvements to generate bills within 12 hours. This allows the cycle to repeat if there are quality control problems.
MeasurementsBilling cycle turnaround time, bills sent within 3 days of month end, cash conversion cycle


GoalIncrease customer satisfaction for guests with children.
ObjectivesAutomatically book customers into a child friendly room if they indicate they are traveling with young children. This is currently a manual process that is often applied inconsistently.
MeasurementsCustomer satisfaction for customers with children.

Customer Experience

GoalImprove customer satisfaction with their dining experience by 33%.
ObjectivesPhase out unpopular service practices to improve service quality.
Partner with regular customers to identify improvements and gain feedback on new practices.
MeasurementsCustomer perceptions of dining experience as measured by a survey before and after improvements.

Internal Controls

Goal Implement segregation of duties for hiring and negotiating salary.
ObjectivesImplement an internal control that prevents hiring managers from setting salary too high or too low based on factors such as their friendship with a candidate or biases against them.
MeasurementsAchieve 100% compliance with this control for all new hires from Q2 onwards.

Time Management

Goal Improve work quality and throughput
ObjectivesWork from home to focus on coding for several days each week as meeting schedule allows.
MeasurementsIncrease the number of story points completed in a month and reduce defect rate. Baseline: 90 story points a month and a defect rate of 3.2 per thousand lines of code.


Goal Demonstrate leadership to help new front desk staff improve their customer service abilities.
ObjectivesServe as an example by achieving a high customer satisfaction rate and dealing with difficult service scenarios in a professional manner.
Coach junior members of the front desk team to help them improve their customer satisfaction and productivity rates.
MeasurementsCustomer satisfaction rate
Recognition such as positive feedback from customers and managers.
Feedback from front desk manager, shift managers and junior staff.


Goal Achieve high stakeholder approval rates.
ObjectivesCommunicate strategy, initiatives, approaches and successes to executives and stakeholders to achieve cooperation and approvals.
MeasurementsStakeholder feedback, budget approvals
TargetsAchieve 10% budget growth by showing the value of our work, strategy and plans.
Achieve the support of key stakeholders as indicated by artifacts such as approvals of deliverables and positive feedback.


Goal Increase product knowledge to improve customer pitches and close more deals.
ObjectivesDevelop relationships with technology people in the investment banking industry.
Connect with technology teams in our organization.
Network at conferences to meet the people leading the direction of banking technology.
TargetsAttend at least one industry conference and gain contacts in the industry.
Improve win rate to 34%
Close monthly recurring revenue of $1.2 million in Q1.


GoalImprove pitches to clients.
ObjectivesTake training in public speaking and visual communication.
Improve visuals for client presentations.
Gain experience in public speaking to improve style and delivery.
MeasurementsClient feedback, deliverable acceptance rate

Business Capabilities

GoalMeasure and approve margins for all sales proposals and negotiated deals.
ObjectivesDevelop a tool that is able to cost all possible service configurations to produce a gross margin estimate for proposals and deals.
Push teams to negotiate higher margins and approve all deals based on factors such as revenue, customer wallet and gross margins.
Measurements Improve gross margins to 33%

Risk Management

Goal Evaluate the health of systems and applications to identify and manage risks.
ObjectivesEvaluate the health of all systems to identify opportunities to reduce risks related to business disruption and increasing operational costs.
Develop and implement a risk management plan to reduce risk exposure.
MeasurementsReduce IT risk exposure by 1.2 million.


GoalDocument the quote-to-cash process.
ObjectivesDevelop a process map, gap analysis and set of recommendations for improving the quote-to-cash process.
Target dateJanuary 14, 2031
MeasurementsOn time delivery, stakeholder feedback
Overview: Work Goals
Definition Business targets that an individual or team sets for their work.
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