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64 Examples of Modern Technology

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Modern technology are modern products, services and infrastructure that are designed and built using scientific knowledge and engineering. This includes information technology based on software, computers and networks. However, most modern products can also be viewed as technology even where they don't include computers. For example, a running shoe that uses an ultralight and bouncy foam such that can be considered a modern advanced material. The following are illustrative examples of modern technology.
Advanced Materials
Air Conditioners
Analytics Platforms
Architectural Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Business Machines (e.g. manufacturing equipment)
Business Systems / Systems Software
City Automation
Cloud Computing
Data Storage Devices
Digital Cameras
Digital Twins
Heating and Ventilation
Home Appliances
Home Automation
Interior Fixtures (e.g. a modern toilet)
Lab Technology
Media Production Tools
Medical Technology
Mixed Reality
Mobile Apps
Mobile Devices
Modern Chemicals
Modern Clothing
Modern Footwear
Musical Instruments (e.g. a synthesizer)
Navigational Systems
Nuclear Power
Office Productivity Software
Personal / Home Electronics
Printers / 3d Printers
Scientific Instruments
Smart Phones
Social Media
Solar Panels
Sporting Goods
Streaming Media
Surveillance Technologies
Tools / Power Tools
Video Game Consoles
Video Games
Virtual Reality
Voice Recognition
Wind Turbines

What is Modern?

Technically speaking, the modern-era starts around the year 1500. However, the term modern technology is usually applied to technologies that were released or improved in recent decades.

What is Technology?

Technology is any product or service that is based on science or engineering know-how. Since the 1990s, it is common to equate technology with information technology that runs on computers. However, any product that could not possibility exist without modern science is technology. This includes a lot of nonobvious things such as everyday products made with advanced materials.

Information Technology

Technology based on computers, software and networks. All of this emerged in the post-WWII era. Information technology was originally focused on expensive business systems but shifted into the home around 1980 with the commercialization of personal computers. Information technology has since experienced several revolutions with the introduction of the internet in the 1990s, smartphones in the 2000s and recent advances in artificial intelligence.

Consumer Technologies

Beyond information technology, other products purchased by individuals and households that can be considered technology. This includes goods that are engineered for performance such as sporting goods.

Chemical Products

In the 1960s, there was much awareness of the wonders being produced by the chemical industry including exotic new materials such as plastics. As these products have become familiar features of everyday life, people tend to forget that chemicals are advanced products of science that mostly didn't exist before the modern-era.

Transportation Technology

Technologies for moving people and goods. Relatively old technologies such as ships, trains and bicycles can still be modern technology based on innovation. For example, modern passenger trains that are lightweight and electric have little in common with a 19th century steam train.

Business Technology

Business technology beyond information technology. These may incorporate computers but have some physical aspect to them. For example, a robot that can do physical work or a 3D printer that can create physical things.

Other Technology

Other major areas of modern technology such as medical technology, space technology and scientific instruments.


Modern technology includes any products and services that could only be produced by a scientifically advanced modern civilization. This prominently includes information technologies based on computers, software and networks. However, modern technology also includes a broad range of products that aren't solely based on computing from cosmetics to spacecraft.


Modern technology includes both information technologies based on computers and physical technologies such as advanced materials, chemicals and products of engineering.
Definition: Modern Technology
Definition (1)
Modern products, services and infrastructure that are designed and built using scientific knowledge and engineering.
Definition (2)
Technologies that were released or improved in recent decades.
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