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54 Examples of Material Quality

 , May 01, 2023
Material quality is the value of a material for a particular use. As with all quality, material quality is evaluated in terms of fitness for purpose whereby what is high quality for one purpose may be low quality for another. For example, marble has reasonable hardness and compressive strength such that it can be used as a floor or counter. However, marble isn't flexible or light such that it wouldn't make for a good aircraft wing, tire or shirt. The following are examples of material quality.
Abrasion resistance
Chemical resistance
Cold resistance
Compressive strength
Corrosion resistance
Cultural value
Easy care / low maintenance
Easy cleaning
Fire resistance
Flexibility / flexural strength
Heat resistance
Impact resistance
Look and feel
Low shrinkage
Non-slip properties
Optical properties
Perceived value
Puncture resistance
Resilience to stresses
Resistance to fading
Rot resistance
Scratch resistance
Shock absorption
Sound absorption
Sound insulation
Tear resistance
Tensile strength
Thermal resistance
Touch properties such as tactility
Traditional value
UV resistance
Vibration resistance
Visual appeal
Water resistance
Weather resistance
The quality of materials is influenced by culture, traditions and general perceptions. For example, people may perceive hardwoods as higher quality than hard plastics for traditional products such as furnishings. Where something is perceived as high quality, it is high quality from a pragmatic perspective in that products made from these materials may be perceived as high value.
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