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11 Types of Advertising Objectives

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Advertising objectives are the goals of advertising messages and campaigns. Objectives are used to craft messages, define target audiences and measure results. The following are common types of advertising objective.


Directly sell something. For example, an ecommerce ad that retargets a customer who was recently shopping for electronics on their site.

Demand Generation

Generate demand for an existing product without directly selling it with the ad.

Lead Generation

Identifying leads for your sales process.

Engage Target Market

Engage potential customers with information, entertainment and participation with your brand.

Engage Customers

Engage existing customers to improve loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Engaging Influencers

Engaging a group that have influence over your product. For example, a ice hockey brand that engages professional and semi-professional hockey players with free samples or a lead user program.


Advertising designed to persuade audiences about a topic or issue.


Building a positive reputation for a firm, brand or product in the eyes of stakeholders.


Advertising designed to inform customers about your products.

Market Research

Collecting information for purposes such as strategy and product development.

Brand Awareness

Increasing the number of customers who recognize your brand and associate it with a product category and qualities such as taste or durability.
Overview: Advertising Objectives
The goals of advertising messages and campaigns.
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