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7 Examples of Bench Strength

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Bench strength is an organization's ability to immediately fill critical positions with a talented internal candidate with the loss of an employee. This is used to measure human resources, succession planning and competency management efforts such as leadership development programs. The following are common measurements of bench strength.

Competency Depth

Competency depth is the number of employees who are currently recognized as having a critical competency. This data is often collected in a skills inventory or competency management system. For example,

Financial Controller III - 3
Machine Learning Algorithms - 2
Sales Management - 14

Key Position Volatility

The percentage of key positions that are vacated each year. This is typically the roles that you are tracking as part of succession planning.

Key Position Coverage

The percentage of key positions that have at least one employee who is viewed as qualified to immediately assume the role if required.

Key Position Readiness

The average readiness assessment score for your talent pool. For example, a leadership development program may score participants on their readiness to assume an executive management role.

Internal Placement Rate

The percentage of key positions that are filled with an internal candidate.

Talent Pool Age

The number of days that your talent pool spend waiting for a promotion or to fill a vacated position. If you have a leadership development program, employees in this program will have an expectation of being promoted and may become dissatisfied waiting for a position to become available.

Promotion Rate

The percentage of high performers in an organization who receive a promotion in a year. This tends to highlight problems such as spending money recruiting external candidates when you have high performing employees waiting for a promotion who may be qualified for the role.


Bench strength is a count of the number of employees who are fully qualified for a key position.
Overview: Bench Strength
An organization's ability to immediately fill critical positions with a talented internal candidate.
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