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11 Types of Brand Engagement

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Brand engagement is a valuable interaction between a customer and a brand. It is commonly used as a metric that measures interactions between customers and your products, services, environments and communications. Such metrics differ widely from one organization to the next as the definition of "valuable interaction" is business specific. Some firms view brand engagement as a core metric that drives revenue. Others view it as a vanity metric that is interesting but secondary to financial metrics such as customer lifetime value. The following are common types of brand engagement.


Purchases of a product or service.

Loyalty Programs

A customer joins a loyalty program.

Products & Services

Time spent interacting with your products or services. For example, customers may spend hours a day interacting with a game.


Visits to a physical location such as a showroom or an electronic location such as a website or app.


A customer contacts you.


A customer interacts with your promotions & communications. For example, a customer opens a catalog you sent them.


A customer seeks out your brand by name. For example, the number of people searching for your brand on a search engine.


A customer subscribes to a service such as a newsletter.

Mentions, Shares, Likes

Mentions and interactions in media such as social media.

Word of Mouth

A customer recommends your product to a friend.


Views of content such as a promotional video for a new product.
Overview: Brand Engagement
A valuable customer interaction with a brand.
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