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8 Elements of Brand Identity

 , updated on September 02, 2022
Brand identity is everything that a firm wants a brand to be in the minds of customers. This includes the visual symbols of a brand, ideas, emotions, qualities and experiences that a brand seeks to represent. A clear and compelling identity allows products and services to stand out in a crowded market. The following are common elements of brand identity.


The basic foundational idea behind a brand. For example, an authentic drive to build the best snowboards on the planet.


Values that you embrace such as sustainability.

Visual Branding

The visual symbols of a brand such as a logo.

Promise, Mission, Vision

Content that directly explains what a brand represents such as a promise, mission and vision.


Beyond words, actually delivering quality products and services that have value to your customers.

Customer Experience

The end-to-end intangible elements of products and services such as products designed to be fun to use.


The culture that emerges around your brand.


The history of your brand often carefully presented with storytelling techniques.
Overview: Brand Identity
Everything that a firm wants a brand to be in the minds of customers.
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