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What is Brand Recall?

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Brand recall is the percentage of a target market who name your brand when prompted with a product category.


People are asked to name five brands for a product category. The brand recall for each named brand is calculated as:
brand recall = (named / total) x 100
The variable named is the number of people who name a brand. The variable total is the total number of people asked.


A group of randomly selected participants who have taken a domestic flight in Germany in the past two years are asked to name five airlines. A total of 187 people are asked. Of these, 184 name brand A and 123 name brand B.
recall brand A = (184/187)x100=98.4%
recall brand B = (123/187)x100=65.8%

Brand Recognition vs Brand Recall

Brand recognition is the percentage of people who can name your brand from its visual symbols. For example, naming a brand when shown its product packaging.
Brand recognition is important for evaluating the effectiveness of visual symbols and other elements of branding such as slogans. However, brand recall is considered a stronger indicator of brand equity.

Top of Mind vs Brand Recall

Top of mind is the percentage of people who name your brand first for a product category. This is based on the same data as brand recall but is considered a stronger indicator.
Overview: Brand Recall
The percentage of a target market who name your brand when prompted with a product category
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