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14 Examples of a Business Capability

 , updated on December 08, 2016
A business capability is a description of what a business does independently of how or why. They offer a view into a business that is free of details such as processes and strategy. Capabilities may be captured at various levels of detail such as organizational, department or team capabilities. The following are illustrative examples of business capabilities.

Manage Risk

A bank manages risk.

Manage Credit Risk

A bank's global credit department manages credit risk.

Analyze Client Credit Ratings

An analyst team in a bank's global credit department analyzes client credit ratings.

Sales Pipeline Management

The sales department of a telecom company manages a sales pipeline.

Qualify Sales Leads

A sales operation team qualifies sales leads before they enter a sales pipeline.

Information Security Management

An IT department provides information security management.

Security Risk Identification

A security team identifies information security risks as a part of an annual audit.


A marketing department prices products and services.

Price Testing

A marketing operations team is able to test different price configurations to optimize revenue and margins.

Product Development

A marketing department develops and launches products.

Product Design

A design team designs products.

Customer Service

An airline provides customer service.

Meal Service

A flight crew provides meal services.

Lost Baggage Claims

An airline operations team processes lost baggage claims.
Overview: Business Capability
TypeBusiness Analysis
Definition (1)A description of what a business does.
Definition (2)An organizational function.
NotesIt is common to identify business capabilities at different levels that can be mapped to each other. For example, business capabilities may be identified at the organizational, department and team level and then mapped to each other.
It is also common to identify business capabilities by product, region and other factors.
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