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20 Examples of a Business Concept

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A business concept is an idea that is the basis for founding or transforming a business. It typically describes how you capture value and your unique selling proposition. The following are illustrative examples.
A beach resort for pet owners.
A beauty salon aligned to a youth subculture.
A restaurant that sources all food from local farmers.
A popup shop that sells gadgets that are trending in social media.
A flower shop that offers lower prices, standard quality and reliable delivery.
A home cleaning service that uses chemical-free cleaning products that are natural, organic and safe.
A bike shop that offers repair and maintenance services that are hard to find and in high demand.
A pet day care that picks up pets in a bus designed for pets.
An event planning service with references from A-list celebrities.
An app that lets you custom design and order shoes.
A vacuum attachment for grooming dogs who shed a lot.
A service that allows private rental of well known art works.
A privacy focused home security system that is fully functional offline and doesn’t connect to the internet in any way.
The only ski rental shop in a ski resort area.
A small bar with retro decor and lively jazz music in the evenings.
A cafe in Singapore with an interior modeled after a well known cafe in Paris known for its interior.
An all you can eat dessert buffet that changes its menu weekly.
A gaming console that allows you to swap in extra video cards for faster performance.
A brand of furniture made with recovered and recycled ocean plastic.
Gardening infrastructure for green roofs and green walls.
Detailed examples:


A business concept for a high speed rail project that is developed as an early stage idea for an infrastructure development program.

Business Concept: Infrastructure

A high speed rail line between New York and Chicago that is able to capture most of the business currently enjoyed by airlines on this route by being faster, cheaper and more convenient.

Technical Feasibility
It is technically feasible for a high speed train to beat a flight on a 800 mile route when time require to get to and from airports is considered. This assumes that rail lines are run out of central train stations that are closer to population centers than airports. This also assumes that security processes for high speed rail don't require early check in.

Financial Feasibility
The costs of the proposal are currently unknown. Return on investment estimates require a feasibility study.

Business to Business

A large packaging materials company with extensive marketing, sales and distribution capabilities develops a number of business concepts as part of their annual strategy planning sessions.

Business Concept: Business to Business

Begin to sell and distribute biodegradable packaging to firms in the United States, Canada and Mexico to capitalize on the need for firms to show progress on their sustainability targets.

Customer Needs
Currently, only a small percentage of packaging in the North American fast moving consumer goods sector is biodegradable. In recent years, the price of biodegradable materials has fallen to the point that it is comparable to traditional plastics. This is an opportunity as most large firms in the industry have a stated objective of making their products and operations more sustainable.

Given our existing customer relationships, distribution network and experience in the packaging industry we are in a unique position to capture significant market share in this growing and strategic product segment.

Consumer Goods

A fast moving consumer goods company is looking to diversify its business by launching a new brand with dozens of products. They develop over 50 business concepts for the new brand as part of the business development process.

Business Concept: Consumer Goods

A brand of organic food products that each contain less than 3 ingredients.

Brand Concept
Develop a brand name and identity based on purity, health and simplicity.

Customer Needs
Consumers of organic products commonly prefer an easy to read label with healthy ingredients. However, it is increasingly common for organic products on the shelves to contain complex ingredient lists with ingredients such as sugars, thickeners and preservatives that some consumers view as unhealthy. Products such as apple juice made with only apply juice may appeal to these consumers.

Ingredients such as sugar and thickeners are added to increase customer perceptions of quality and taste. For example, some consumers will strongly prefer the taste of sweetened products.

Small Business

A small business owner develops a number of business concepts for their next project. These concepts will be compared and evaluated. The winning idea will be developed as a business plan that will be pitched to raise financing from local banks and partners.

Business Concept: Restaurant

Open a restaurant complex directly across the street from the main Saint Blue college campus to capture business from its 15,900 students.

Customer Needs
The main Saint Blue college campus is in an isolated location with the nearest restaurants 2.1 miles away. Students at the college have no nearby place to eat or socialize with the exception of the college's cafeteria. There is an opportunity to open restaurants and pubs in the area that can become an integral part of student life on the campus.

The college has 156 regular school days each year. Breaks such as Christmas, Spring break and summer holidays will see slow business.


A business concept is as short as a sentence and no longer than a page. This should not be confused with a business plan that is a far more extensive document. The following is a basic overview of what can be included in a business concept.


The examples above are hypothetical. Any similarity to real businesses or products is coincidental. The examples aren't necessarily good ideas for a business but are designed to illustrate different types of business concept.
Definition: Business Concept Examples
An idea that is the basis for founding or transforming a business.
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