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30 Examples of a Business Process

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A business process is a structured set of activities that produce a result. Processes may be repeated many times and are often carefully designed and continually optimized to be efficient and productive. The following are common examples of business processes.
Brand management
Business development
Customer experience
Customer service
Customer support
Facilities management
Financial auditing
Financial management & accounting
Inventory management
Order fulfillment
Partner management
Performance management
Product development
Product management
Project management
Quality assurance & control
Research & development
Risk management
Service delivery
Shipping & receiving
Sourcing & procurement
Strategic planning
Supply chain management


The marketing process at large firms involves developing products, launching them and selling them. This generally includes ongoing branding, promotion, pricing, distribution, sales and customer experiences processes.
Sales & operations planning aligns production to marketing efforts such as promotional campaigns and sales initiatives. For example, there is no reason to aggressively promote a product if you're going to be out of stock.

Customer Experience

The process of creating value for customers by providing a satisfying end-to-end experience. This handles everything from product design to customer support and is a large process that is revenue focused based on metrics such as customer lifetime value, revenue per customer, customer churn and customer satisfaction.


The following is a typical business-to-business sales process. This is viewed as a pipeline that progresses through stages such as lead, opportunity, proposal and close.


Quote-to-cash is the extended process of closing sales, fulfilling orders and collecting payment.

Operations Process

Operations differs by industry. For example, operations may manufacture processes or deliver services. The following is a generic overview of operations processes for large firms.
Quality assurance is the overall process of managing quality including things like improving designs based on customer feedback. Quality control is concerned only with inspections and testing.
Overview: Business Process
A structured set of activities that produce a result.
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