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Communication Plan

20 Examples of Communication Objectives

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Communication objectives are goals for the exchange of information. This is a broad term that can apply to areas such as marketing, sales, knowledge work, creative works, public speaking, governance, management and leadership. The following are illustrative examples of communication objectives.
Deliver at least 3 lunch and learn presentations this year.
Deliver a client presentation to close a sale.
Pitch a project to management to obtain budget approvals.
Negotiate lower prices with a supplier.
Resolve a conflict between team members.
Make team meetings more productive by time-boxing each agenda item.
Send out a meeting agenda before meetings.
Track team action items and communicate status weekly.
Reduce errors in outgoing customer communications by 90%.
Network to build 100 new professional connections this year.
Listen intently to customers to solve their issues more quickly. Target: improve customer satisfaction to 90%.
Respond to customer inquiries within 3 business hours.
Deliver presentations to build awareness of ____. Measure: stakeholder feedback.
Improve reports to management.
Increase engagement on social media to 5 engagement events per customer per month.
Improve email open rates to 1%..
Increase conversion rate to 3%.
Achieve an audience ranking of 4 stars or more.
Standardize _____ documents with a template.
Become more visible and engaged in meetings.
More communication objectives:


Getting people moving in the same direction to achieve a common goal. For example, reducing resistance to change.


Motivating people to improve results such as productivity.


Conveying knowledge. For example, a training objective that everyone understand several foundational concepts at the end of a session.


Influencing actions. For example, an employee with an objective to change a team's strategy.


Selling an idea. For example, a public speaker who would like to change minds about a particular topic.


Entertaining an audience with music, art, humor or storytelling.

Demand Generation

Generating interest in a product or service.

Brand Awareness

Developing brand recognition and brand awareness such as top of mind.


Getting to yes to close commercial transactions such as a sale or partnership agreement.
Overview: Communication Objectives
Objectives for messages or programs of communication.
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