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40+ Types of Competitive Advantage

 , December 12, 2016
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Business Attributes

A list of common business attributes.

Competence vs Core Competency

The difference between competence and core competency.

Competitive Parity

The definition of competitive parity with examples.


A list of ways to compete in a crowded market.

Competitive Parity vs Competitive Advantage

The difference between competitive parity and competitive advantage.

Business Strategy

An extensive list of business strategies.


A reasonably comprehensive guide to strategy.

Baseline vs Benchmark

The difference between a baseline and a benchmark.

Strategy vs Tactics

A definition of strategy vs tactics with two examples.

Macro Environment

A list of macro environment components.

Do Nothing Strategy

An overview of a common business strategy.


A definition of restructuring with examples.


A list of things that marketers do.

Branding Guide

An overview of 20+ common branding techniques.

Marketing Metrics

A list of common ways to measure marketing results.

Pricing Strategy

An overview of common pricing strategies.

Product Positioning

A definition of product positioning with examples.

Brand Storytelling

Common types of brand storytelling.


The common types of cross-selling.

Marketing Campaign

The common types of marketing campaign.

Marketing Automation

The common types of marketing automation.

Target Marketing

The common types of target marketing.
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