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What are Corporate Colors?

 , August 23, 2016
Corporate colors are a color scheme that an organization adopts as a key visual element of its corporate identity. Once established, a firm may mandate that corporate colors be used in logos, promotional items, advertising, products, services, user interfaces, communications, documents, uniforms, office decor and locations. In some cases, a firm with many brands uses unique color schemes for each brand.

Color Theory

Color theory is the study of color mixing and visual effects of color. Colors and color combinations are perceived to have meanings that are influenced by human factors such as culture. For example, red and green tends to invoke images of Christmas. Corporate colors are typically designed to invoke a cognitive image alongside visual symbols such as logos.
Overview: Corporate Colors
TypeCorporate Identity
Color Scheme
Corporate Culture
DefinitionA color scheme that an organization adopts as a visual representation of its identity.
Related ConceptsColor Scheme
Color Theory
Color Temperature
Color Harmony


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