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3 Types of Craft Production

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Craft production is the process of manufacturing by hand without automation. The term is associated with the work of skilled artisans that add tangible and intangible value to a product. The following are common types of craft production.

Job Production

The one-by-one production of unique items that may be customized for the customer. For example, a carpenter who constructs wooden canoes one at a time that each have a unique design.

Batch Production

Producing a batch of items by taking them through a series of steps together. For example, an artisan who produces handmade shoes in batches of 8. Each batch is taken through a series of 11 steps together that result in a finished product.

Production Line

Producing items one by one in a series of steps whereby items are at different stages at the same time. For example, handcrafted guitars that are produced in 7 steps with a different artisan handling each step.
Overview: Craft Production
The process of manufacturing things by hand without automation.
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