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12 Examples of Critical Success Factors

 , January 21, 2017 updated on September 10, 2022
A critical success factor is a capability, activity or condition that is required for a mission to be successful. Success factors aren't measurements of success but rather something that needs to be done well in order to achieve objectives. The following are illustrative examples.

Relationship Building

A sales team requires extensive industry contacts and positive customer relationships to achieve sales targets.

Customer is Always Right

A customer service team with high targets for customer satisfaction requires a team culture of respect for the customer.

Cost Reduction

In order for a solar panel manufacturer to compete they need to continually reduce costs by improving designs and efficiency.

Reliability Engineering

In order for an aircraft to sell, it requires a reliable and resilient design.

Risk Management

In order for a project to be successful, project risks are identified and managed.

Change Control

In order for a project to be delivered to budget and schedule, a change control board reviews all change requests and introduces change to the project in a controlled and managed fashion.


In order for a startup to be successful, the core development team requires focus on developing code for the first 6 months without any distractions.


In order for product design teams to succeed, they use their own products on a daily basis such that they can identify with customer pain points.

Vendor Management

In order for a firm to maintain a positive and productive relationship with an IT vendor, they require the contractual right to interview all contractors that the vendor supplies.

Voice of the Customer

In order for a product redesign to sell better than the current design, the design team talks to customers to understand the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the current product.


In order for customer service managers to achieve objectives related to customer satisfaction and public relations, they require authority to make exceptions to policy.


In order for a luxury brand to be viewed positively by customers, the firm requires due diligence in ensuring its products and global operations don't harm people or the environment.
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