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6 Types of Customer Recovery

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Customer recovery is the process of winning back a lost customer or repairing a relationship with a dissatisfied customer. The following are common types of customer recovery.


Allow customer complaints to quickly flow to a manager, customer service specialist or customer advocate who is empowered to address issues in a flexible manner.


If the customer is unhappy, take responsibility and move on. Many firms embrace a customer is always right approach that avoids evaluating whether the customer is right to be unhappy.

Fix & Compensate

Address issues and compensate the customer.

Ask for Feedback

Allow customers to express their dissatisfaction by providing feedback. For example, a survey with text fields such as "How can we improve?".


Making it clear to customers that you will use feedback to improve your processes. For example, if delivered items arrive broken you might investigate the packaging that was used.

Targeted Offers

Develop special promotions and pricing for lost customers. For example, directly tell them that you miss their business and offer them a low introductory price to come back.
Overview: Customer Recovery
The process of fixing relationships with dissatisfied customers and winning back lost customers.
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