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19 Examples of Deliverables

 , updated on September 12, 2022
A deliverable is a tangible or intangible item that is delivered to a customer as part of a project. Anything that a customer is promised as an output of a project can be considered a deliverable. The following are illustrative examples.

Market Research

A product development project for a fashion firm delivers a market forecast of the clothing items, materials, colors and styles that will be popular with a particular demographic in the upcoming spring-summer season.

Feasibility Study

A space exploration project delivers a study that examines the feasibility of developing a self-replicating probe.

Gap Analysis

A retail bank has consistently low customer satisfaction ratings as benchmarked against competitors. A redesign project delivers a gap analysis that identifies the root causes of the low rating.


A business analysis team collects, documents and refines functional and non-functional requirements for the interior design of an office location. They deliver the requirements to the customer for review and sign off.

Design Presentation

An interior design project delivers a design concept as a presentation.

Design Document

An interior design project delivers a design document that includes items such as a detailed floor plan.


An IT project delivers a system that automates compliance reporting functions for a media firm.


A product implementation project for a bank delivers integration with risk management systems.


A robotics project delivers a machine learning algorithm that meets the customer's requirements.

Engineering Design

An engineering project delivers the design for a mechanical part.


A product development team delivers prototypes of packaging for a beverage product.

Operational Process

A product development project delivers operational processes for manufacturing a new product.

Quality Control

An improvement project that will reduce the cost of manufacturing solar panels at a factory delivers a quality control process.


A construction project delivers a rain garden to a city.


A construction project delivers a 44 storey building.


A construction project delivers an inspection report that is required by the customer for compliance purposes.


A solar firm delivers a rooftop solar installation to a commercial customer.

Sales Collaterals

A marketing team delivers promotional videos as part of a product launch.


A manufacturing project that installs new equipment and implements new processes delivers training to operational teams.
Overview: Deliverable
Definition (1)
A tangible item or intangible output that is delivered to the customer as part of a project.
Definition (2)
The outputs of a project that have value to customers.
Definition (3)
The outputs of a project that achieve project objectives.
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