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15 Examples of Durable Products

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A durable product is a long-lived product that can't be consumed all at once. The following are common examples.

Capital Equipment

Machines used by businesses to produce products and services such as an industrial robot or amusement park attraction.


Other machines such as a consumer model of lawn mower.


Products that are used by people to accomplish a task such as a hammer.


Machines used in the home such as a washing machine.


Transportation equipment such as a bicycle, high speed train, aircraft or ship.


Construction materials and equipment such as a brick or dump truck.


Interior furnishings such as a bed.


Consumer electronics such as a tablet computer.

Computing & Networking

Computing and networking infrastructure.


Energy infrastructure such as solar panels.

Sports & Hobbies

Sports equipment such as a kayak.


Toys designed to last more than two years such as a train set.


Physical books such as paperback fiction.


Fashion is considered nondurable with the exception of long lived items such as jewelry and watches.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments such as a synthesizer or drum kit.


Generally speaking, durable products last longer than 2 years.
Durable products are interesting to economists because people and businesses stop buying them when they aren't confident about the future. In other words, sales of things like furniture, vehicles, jewelry and industrial robots act as economic indicators.
Overview: Durable Products
A long-lived product that can't be consumed all at once.
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