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6 Types of Employee Relations

Employee relations is the management of relationships and communications to potential, current and former employees. This plays a role in the productivity, creativity, reputation and culture of an organization. Positive employee relationships allow a firm to attract and retain talent.

Employer Branding

Shaping your image and reputation as an employer. This leverages your brand, values, mission, vision, organizational culture, working conditions, knowledge and opportunities to raise your visibility and image as an employer in the market. Employee branding helps to attract and retain talent.


Engaging potential employees and sources of talent such as universities, colleges, recruiters and industry events. This includes the end-to-end experience of applying for a job from the perspective of the candidate that will leave a lasting impression on an individual whether they become an employee or go on to be hired by your competitors or partners. A professional, informative, diligent, fair and enjoyable recruiting process capitalizes on each opportunity to represent your firm with talent in your industry.


The process of helping new employees to become productive in a new role and accustomed to your culture. This includes immediately giving employees access to the resources, knowledge and introductions they need to do their job. It is also common to include a social element such as a welcome lunch and an introduction to some of the firm's norms and internal politics that are useful to know.


The executive management of a firm plays a fundamental role in employee relations by communicating direction, goals, principles, values and expectations.

Public Relations

Public relations is the management of relationships and communications with all stakeholders. This is often centered around reputation, news, financial results and product launches. It is common for public relations to prepare internal communications including meetings and events to give employees the inside view of strategy, plans, launches, events, changes and challenges that have broad impact for a firm. Employees may feel unconsulted and disengaged when news is released to the public without any internal conversation. Public relations teams may also attempt to share information early and often to prevent the spread of rumors.

Performance Management

The process of setting goals, evaluating performance, rewarding high performance and managing low performance.
Overview: Employee Relations
The management of relationships and communications to potential, current and former employees.
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