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10 Examples of End-Goals

 , updated on July 31, 2018
End-goals are future results an organization or individual would like to achieve. These are typically easy to identify as they are simply desirable outcomes. This should not be confused with strategy and objectives that are concrete plans to achieve end-goals. The following are illustrative examples of end-goals. As you can see from the examples, end-goals offer nothing in terms of how goals will actually be achieved and are therefore of little value on their own.


An electronics manufacturer targets revenue of $10 billion in a fiscal year.

Customer Satisfaction

A telecom company seeks to improve customer satisfaction from 31% to 70% satisfied within a year.


An electric vehicle manufacturer has a goal to improve the range of its vehicles to 800 miles.


A construction company would like to complete a bridge within 8 months with a total cost of less than $7 million.


A management team would like to improve the throughput of a production line to 700 units an hour.


Goals related to the environment and community such as the goal of cleaning up all ocean plastic.


A fashion company that targets a reputation for quality, luxury and style.

Quality of Life

Quality of life goals such as owning a luxurious house or enjoying a high degree of freedom.


Comfort related goals such as getting into a position where you job is extremely secure.

Social Status

Social status such as becoming well known in your profession.

End Goals vs Strategy

An end-goal is something you want such as money or recognition. A strategy is a plan that achieves an end-goal such as a strategy to complete an education that is in high demand in the workforce.

End Goals vs Objectives

Objectives are meaningful steps on the path to end-goals. For example, studying 10 hours for a test is an objective that brings you closer to other objectives such as passing a class. There may be a large number of objectives associated with each end-goal.
Overview: End-Goals
DefinitionFuture results an organization or individual would like to achieve.
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