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Customer Experience

8 Examples of an End-User

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An end-user is the person who actually uses a product or service. This often differs from the customer, defined as the entity that purchases a product or service from the perspective of the seller. The following are illustrative examples of an end-user.


A sportswear firm sells to retailers who are the firm's customers. The end-users are the customers who purchase from the retailer and actually wear the product.

Business Software

A firm purchases business software and its employees use it. In this case, individual employees are end-users.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Parents buy breakfast cereal and kids eat it.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

An OEM manufacturers bicycle tires and views bicycle manufacturers as its customer. The end-users are the customers who purchase a fully assembled bicycle.


An architecture firm builds a hotel for a hotel company. The end-users are the guests who stay in the hotel.

Value-Added Reseller

A firm offer a stock trading API to banks. The end-users of the service are customers of the bank who trade stocks on the bank's website.


A seller purchases cosmetics at wholesale and sells them on an ecommerce platform to end-users. The wholesaler views the ecommerce seller as the customer.

Import & Export

An ecommerce seller purchases collectable toys at retail and sells them in another country at a premium price. In this case, the toy company ends up having end-users in a country where it has no warranty, support or customer service.
Overview: End Users
The people who actually use a product or service.
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