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Customer Experience
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Customer Experience

End-User vs Customer

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An end-user is a person who uses a product or service.
A customer is the entity that purchases a product or service from the perspective of the seller.

End-User vs Customer

In many cases, the end-user and customer are the same. For example, a retailer typically sells directly to end-users. This allows the retailer to manage the customer experience to provide value-added services such as a friendly return policy.
The difference between end-user and customer occurs for firms that sell to an intermediary such as a wholesaler, retailer, ecommerce seller or value-added reseller. For example, an electronics manufacturer may sell to thousands of retailers who go on to sell the product to millions of end-users. Such a manufacturer may have no direct relationship with end-users and view retailers as the customer.
When the customer isn't the end-user firms may lack control over end-to-end customer experience. For example, an end-user may have a poor experience with a product due to the customer service or operational practices of a reseller.
End-User vs Customer
The person who uses a product or service.
The entity that purchases a product or service from the perspective of the seller.

Customer Experience

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