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40+ Entrepreneurial Strategies

 , November 30, 2016 updated on January 15, 2023
Entrepreneurial strategy is the process of developing new products and approaches in a constrained and competitive environment. Entrepreneurs are individuals who are willing to take on risk to create something new. As such, entrepreneurial strategies encompass techniques for innovation and running a business including all aspects of marketing and operations. The following are common entrepreneurial strategies.

Market Research

Gathering information about markets, competition, regulations and customers.

Business Models

Basic ways that businesses capture value.

Strategy Planning

Developing plans to achieve goals in a competitive market.


Developing new approaches that represent a leap forward.

Product Development

Developing a product from idea-to-launch.


Marketing techniques including pricing, promotion and distribution.

Challenges & Failures

Common challenges and failures.
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Types Of Small Business

A list of common small businesses.

Small Business Risk

Risks facing small businesses.

Ecommerce Examples

A list of ecommerce business models.

Promotion Strategy

A list of promotion techniques.

Business Costs

A list of costs commonly incurred by businesses.


The common types of micromarketing.

Local Marketing

Common types of local marketing.

Business Name

A list of common types of business name.

Business Competition

The common types of business competition.

Innovation Principles

A list of common innovation principles.

Fail Often

An overview of fail often innovation.

Innovation Metrics

How to measure innovation including early stage, late stage and overall program metrics.


The basic types of pilot used in business, science and entertainment.

Lead User

A definition of lead user with examples.

Moment Of Truth

A definition of moment of truth with a few examples.

User Innovation

A definition of user innovation with examples.

Proof Of Concept

The common types of proof of concept.


The common types of commercialisation.

Innovation Objectives

The common types of innovation objectives with examples.
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