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13 Examples of Expediting

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Expediting is the oversight of supply chain processes in support of procurement. This can include analysis of production, quality control, logistics and receiving. Expediting may be done as part of a project such as a construction job or operational processes such as inventory management. The following are illustrative examples of expediting.


Confirming that supplier facilities and processes comply to standards and requirements in areas such as quality and sustainability.


Managing procurement risk by identifying risks and treating them with techniques such as insurance or mitigation steps.


Management or oversight of the dates on purchase orders and other supply chain artifacts and plans.

Production Control

Confirming that production is underway and likely to be completed on time. This may involve field visits to identify potential problems.

Quality Control

Oversight of quality control processes such as non-destructive testing of units.

Pre-shipment Inspection

Identifying any problems with a shipment before it departs the supplier.

Process Control

Monitoring and controlling supply chain processes. For example, obtaining documents such as shipping documents and customs documents to analyze them for errors.


Escalating issues to management and to the supplier to prevent disruption of business processes such as a production line, construction project or voyage of a cruise ship.


Inspection and testing of products when they are received. This may be done in the field. For example, at a construction site.

Overage, Shortage & Damage

Follow up with supplier on any order problems such as overage, shortage and damage.


Accounting for any penalties that may occur based on contracts with suppliers.


Contributing data and analysis for accounting processes such as accounts receivable and inventory.

Supplier Management

Supplier management such as evaluation of a supplier's performance.
Overview: Expediting
The oversight of supply chain processes in support of procurement.
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