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7 Examples of External Stakeholders

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External stakeholders are entities that don't belong to your organization but are impacted by or impact your performance. This includes your impact on the environment and the quality of life of communities. It also includes the impact of regulations and media organizations on your performance. The following are common types of external stakeholder.


In some cases, customers are considered primary stakeholders because they are exposed to risk related to your performance. For example, a customer that depends on your software products may face substantial risks if you fail to fix known security vulnerabilities in that software.


Government regulations in areas such as competition, consumer protection, environmental stewardship, health & safety and taxation.

Investors & Creditors

In many cases, investors are internal stakeholders because they are involved in your organization in one way or another. Minority shareholders and creditors are often external stakeholders who are exposed to risk related to your performance.


Members of the communities in which you operate. This can include city governments and individuals such as neighbors of a factory.


Organizations that engage you in one way or another. For example, an environmental organization that issues a report that comments about your practices.


Organizations that you engage such as a standards organization in your industry.


Media organizations that report information about you to the public.
Overview: External Stakeholders
Entities that don't belong to your organization but are impacted by or impact your performance.
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