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6 Examples of Frontline Employees

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Frontline employees are employees who directly interact with customers. This is typically contrasted with back office employees who may never meet a customer. The following are common examples of a frontline employee.

Customer Service

The term frontline employee is most commonly applied to customer service representatives who handle customer orders, inquiries, cancellations and complaints.


The primary role of sales is to engage customers, close sales and maintain relationships to extend customer lifetime value. As such, they spend much of their time with customers.


Marketing people commonly meet customers such as lead users or market research participants.

Business Units

Business units may engage customers to provide services or develop products. For example, equity traders who serve the clients of an investment bank.


Consultants who advise or perform work for customers.


In some cases, operations staff regularly engage customers. For example, the operations of a telecom company includes installation and maintenance roles that may involve regular customer interactions.
Overview: Frontline Employees
Employees who directly interact with customers.
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