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36 Examples of a Glittering Generality

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A glittering generality is a vague, popular statement that is emotional and positive but isn't actionable or informative. Glittering generalities are extremely common in advertising and politics. As examples, consider the following slogans used in various US presidential campaigns.
To Assure Continued Prosperity
– Theodore Roosevelt, 1904
National Unity. Prosperity. Advancement.
– Theodore Roosevelt, 1904
The People's Choice
– Alton B. Parker, 1904
A Square Deal For All
– William Howard Taft, 1908
Facing the Future
– William Jennings Bryan, 1908
Win with Wilson
– Woodrow Wilson, 1908
America First and America Efficient
– Charles Evans Hughes, 1916
America First
– Warren G. Harding, 1920
Peace. Progress. Prosperity.
– James M. Cox, 1920
Who but Hoover?
– Herbert Hoover, 1928
Honest. Able. Fearless.
– Al Smith, 1928
Happy Days Are Here Again
– Franklin Roosevelt, 1932
Forward with Roosevelt
– Franklin Roosevelt, 1936
I Want Roosevelt Again!
– Franklin Roosevelt, 1940
Win with Dewey
– Thomas E. Dewey, 1948
I like Ike
– Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1952
All the Way With Adlai
– Adlai Stevenson, 1952
The Winning Team
– Adlai Stevenson and Estes Kefauver, 1956
For the Future
– Richard Nixon, 1960
Some People Talk Change, Others Cause It
– Hubert Humphrey, 1968
Nixon's the One
– Richard Nixon, 1968
Nixon Now
– Richard Nixon, 1972
He’s Making Us Proud Again
– Gerald Ford, 1976
Why Not The Best?
– Jimmy Carter, 1976
Let's Make America Great Again
– Ronald Reagan, 1980
A Leader for America
– Bob Dole, 1988
For People, for a Change
– Bill Clinton, 1992
Leadership for the New Millennium
– Al Gore, 2000
A Stronger America
– John Kerry, 2004
Change We Can Believe In
– Barack Obama, 2008
– Barack Obama, 2012
Believe in America
– Mitt Romney, 2012
Make America Great Again!
– Donald Trump, 2016
A Future To Believe In
– Bernie Sanders, 2016
I'm With Her
– Hillary Clinton, 2016
Hillary For America
– Hillary Clinton, 2016
Build Back Better
- Joe Biden, 2020
Unite for a Better America
- Joe Biden, 2020
Overview: Glittering Generality
A vague, popular statement that is emotional and positive but isn't actionable or informative.
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