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8 Types of Impulse Buying

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Impulse buying is when a customer buys something they didn't plan to buy. It is a common type of consumer behavior characterized by an extremely fast decision to purchase based on an emotion or heuristic. The following are common types of impulse purchase.


A customer is reminded of something they need while shopping. For example, a customer who buys batteries because they see them at a checkout counter and remember they have several devices that are out of power.


A customer is persuaded by a marketing message or pitch they encounter while shopping. For example, a salesperson pitches protective spray to a customer who buys shoes.


A customer sees something they are a strongly motivated to buy. For example, a customer who craves chocolate decides to buy a chocolate bar on their lunch break while waiting in line to buy a salad.


Many customers are in the habit of stocking up on things that are on sale as a means of saving money. For example, a customer who goes to a supermarket to buy a snack may end up buying 8 packages of coffee because they are on sale.


A customer buys several things that are complementary to a purchase. For example, a musician who buys a new keyboard might be easily be convinced to add on some headphones.

Fear of Missing Out

Purchasing something that is in limited supply or that is on sale out of a fear of missing out.

Shopping Enthusiasts

Customers who find joy in shopping may make sudden purchases driven by desire. For example, some shoppers will buy things beyond their budget due to uncontrolled emotional desires.

Decision Fatigue

Customers who are tired of thinking about a purchase may settle for something unexpected as a means to escape shopping. For example, a customer who is looking for a product under $200 may consider functions and features for hours. Then in a state of decision fatigue they may suddenly buy a $500 model without much thought at all because it beats the cheaper models on features.
Overview: Impulse Buying
A customer buys something they didn't plan to buy.
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