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What is Infrastructure Development?

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Infrastructure development is the construction and improvement of foundational services with the goal of sparking economic growth and improvements in quality of life.


Infrastructure development can involve any type of infrastructure including transportation, energy, water, digital, social and green infrastructure.

Economic Benefits

Infrastructure can improve efficiency and productivity. For example, Japan's high speed rail network allows business people to travel from Tokyo to Osaka in 2 hours and 30 minutes where the drive takes about 7 hours. The Tokyo to Osaka line serves 151 million passengers a year, potentially saving those passengers around 500 million hours that can be used productively.

Quality of Life

Social and green infrastructure can improve quality of life and make a region more competitive in acquiring top talent and the headquarters of large firms. For example, education can improve innovation and worker productivity. Health systems can reduce sick time and give society the sense of well-being that is required for economic risk taking.


Infrastructure can be used to improve the resilience of communities to stresses. For example, water infrastructure can reduce the probability and impact of floods.
Overview: Infrastructure Development Definition
The construction and improvement of foundational services with the goal of sparking economic growth and improvements in quality of life.
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