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Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management

4 Types of Knowledge Discovery

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Knowledge discovery is the process of finding existing knowledge that applies to a situation. Knowledge is information that is created or used by humans such as documentation and media. Knowledge often goes to waste such that a solution to a problem is continually reinvented. This is a costly issue for organizations that invest significant resources in creating knowledge. The following are common types of knowledge discovery.


The process of researching a topic. For example, a project may begin by researching context and constraints such as technology standards and environments that apply to a software project.


Meetings are a common way to discover existing knowledge that exists in someone's head that may be documented to a certain extent.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management practices, processes and tools that support knowledge discovery such as a clear structure for knowledge and search tools.

Knowledge Discovery in Databases

It is common for software products to use the term knowledge discovery. This is essentially a marketing term for data mining or data dredging features of software. This typically includes steps such as selection of data from a database, data processing and discovery of patterns.
Overview: Knowledge Discovery
The process of finding existing knowledge that applies to a situation.
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