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12 Types of Marketing Management

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Marketing management is the leadership, direction and control of marketing functions. Marketing is a diverse practice that includes any business capabilities that are designed to sell products and services. The following are common types of marketing management.

Marketing Strategy

A position such as chief marketing officer responsible for developing and executing marketing strategy including elements of market research, branding, product development, operations, marketing communications, sales and customer service.

Business Development

Strategic initiatives such as mergers & acquisitions, brand development, business transformation and new markets.

Brand Management

Developing and defending valuable brands.

Product Development

Developing new products from concept to launch.

Product Marketing

The customer-facing elements of product management that generate demand.

International Marketing

Management of international distribution channels and operations.

Creative & Promotion

Marketing communications to customers such as advertising.

Media Relations

Teams that engage media and influencers.

Customer Service

Customer service functions such as call center management.

Customer Marketing

The process of satisfying customers, reducing churn and improving customer lifetime value. For example, management roles that look at the end-to-end customer experience to address root causes of customer dissatisfaction.

Marketing Operations

Management of core marketing processes, technologies and data.


The process of generating leads, developing opportunities and closing sales.
Overview: Marketing Management
The leadership, direction and control of marketing functions.
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Marketing Management

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