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18 Examples of Media Management

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Media management is the practice of directing and controlling media related businesses and business functions. This includes management roles in the media industry, entertainment industry and media related teams in other industries. Media management is a broad practice that can include the following areas.

Business Strategy

Developing strategies for media businesses to achieve goals such as revenue in a competitive and constrained environment. For example, a strategy to adopt a new business model for a video game company based on the sales of virtual goods.

Media Strategy

Developing marketing communications strategies for businesses in any industry. For example, a media strategy for launching a new high speed train that involves media production, advertising, events, product showrooms and building relationships with media representatives and influencers.

Marketing Communications

Managing the implementation of strategy in areas such as promotion, advertising, sales and branding.

Public Relations

Managing relationships with stakeholders and the media to share information and build your reputation. This is often focused on major communications such as press releases, product launches and investor events.

Social Media Management

Managing relationships with stakeholders through social media. This is often focused on promotion and managing feedback from customers and the public.

Media Analysis

Developing data and analysis of audiences and their use of media. This includes finding ways to reach a particular audience at a reasonable cost. Media analysis may also look at factors such as user intent and attention to discover ways to reach an audience when they are most open to influence or ready to buy.

Media Procurement

Buying advertising to reach audiences. This includes automated processes such as buying digital advertising from an exchange and processes of relationship building and negotiation.

Media Technology

Procuring, developing, operating and optimizing technologies for the production, delivery, management, measurement, buying and selling of media.

Media Production

Producing media such as films, music, video games, promotion videos and informational content.

Media Distribution

The distribution of media such as processes for distributing films to theatres. This may involve developing and managing distribution partnerships.


Management of media sales such as selling print ads in a magazine.

Talent Management

Managing the career of creative professionals such as actors, musicians and performing artists. This is a type of agent that acts to represent the interests of clients.

Media Measurement

Measuring the objectives of a media organization or promotional effort.

Product Development

Developing media products and services. This may include innovation methods such as fail well whereby brave ideas are tried in small pilots that are allowed to fail cheaply and safely. Such methods of inexpensive experimentation were common in the media industry long before they were adopted by other industries such as information technology.

Product Management

Managing media products through their entire lifecycle including planning, development, launch, improvement and end-of-life. For example, a manager who is responsible for the revenue for a music streaming service who works to build and sustain a large subscription base.

Licenses & Rights

Managing your licenses for other firm's media and enforcing your rights such as trademarks and copyright. For example, an entertainment company that uses artificial intelligence to recognize when its content has been uploaded without permission to video sharing sites.

Legal & Regulatory

Developing and enforcing legal agreements with employees, partners and customers and ensuring compliance with regulations. For example, a music company that manages complex legal agreements with a large number of artists and distribution partners.

Media Asset Management

Managing valuable digital assets and metadata. For example, a film production company that manages millions of files related to the master copies for films along with metadata such as credits, technical information and licensing details.


The practice of directing and controlling media resources including content, channels and technologies.
Overview: Media Management
The practice of directing and controlling media related businesses and business functions.
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