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55 Examples of Media Technology

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Media technology is any hardware, software or tool that is used to compose, create, produce, deliver and manage media including audio, video, images, information, interactive media, video games, virtual reality and augmented reality environments. This ranges from low tech tools used to create art to the global media processing and distribution systems of large media organizations. The following are common types of media technology.
Augmented reality
Blogging platforms
Chat rooms
Computers and monitors
Content management
Data visualization tools
Digital advertising
Digital documents
Digital music
Digital publishing tools
Digital twins
E-book readers
Gaming consoles
Generative media AI
Headphones and earphones
Immersive art
Immersive experiences
Internet radio
Live streaming
Media infrastructure such as a content delivery network
Messaging apps
Microblogging platforms such as twitter
Mixed reality
Mobile apps
Movie production technology
Multimedia e.g. streaming media + chat room
Music production software
Online news
Outdoor digital displays
Photo editing software
Podcasting platforms
Portable gaming consoles
Social media
Social networks
Sound systems and speakers
Special effects(SFX)
Streaming media
Streaming services such as Netflix
Theater technology
Video conferencing
Video editing software
Video games
Video sharing platforms
Virtual assistants
Virtual reality
Visual effects(VFX)
Media technology is undergoing a process of convergence whereby films will resemble video games and video games will resemble films. Likewise, the number of common media devices is shrinking as people increasingly use powerful tools such as smartphones for many media tasks and activities.
Overview: Media Technology
Any hardware, software or tool that is used to compose, create, produce, deliver and manage media.
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