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9 Types of Micromarketing

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Micromarketing is a marketing strategy directed to a small group of highly targeted customers. It is most commonly used by small businesses that have limited resources and want to reach customers with highly targeted products, prices and promotions. Micromarketing is also used by large firms that develop fine segments within their customer base. The following are common types of micromarketing.


A business that markets to people in a particular city or neighborhood.


Marketing to people you know. For example, a consultant may market services to professional contacts established over the course a career.

Job Title

It is common for business-to-business sales to target a specific job title such as CIO or CMO.


Selling to businesses in a particular industry. For example, an insurance company that designs a product for commercial fishing boats.


Targeting firms of a particular size. For example, an large business software package may only be affordable to a few hundred firms in each region.

Customer Needs

Offering products and services to customers with unique needs. For example, an insurance product for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Brand Loyalty

Targeting the loyal fans of a particular brand, product or service with special offers.

Customer Recovery

Attempting to win back unhappy or lost customers with special offers.

Price Sensitivity

Targeting customers who are unusually insensitive or sensitive to price. For example, a cutting edge solar panel system may seek out customers with an unusual enthusiasm for solar panels and a healthy budget.
Overview: Micromarketing
Directing marketing activities such as product design, promotion, pricing and distribution to a small group of highly targeted customers.
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