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What is a No-brand Brand?

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A no-brand brand is a brand that has an anti-brand image.

Generic Brands

Generic brands are lines of consumer products designed to compete with well-established brands in a particular area. The idea is that they save money by not advertising to deliver similar quality at a lower cost. In some cases, generic brands become popular and trusted to the point that their brand value may rival the strongly branded products with which they compete.

No Logo

Fashion designers that stress low-key, practical fashions that feature no visible logos. No-logo fashions may be cheap or reasonably expensive. In the later case, they depend on a reputation for style and quality as opposed to the status associated with their logo. This appeals to subcultures such as normcore that view a lack of logos as a sign of intelligence and confidence.
Overview: No-Brand Brand
A brand with an anti-brand image.
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