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6 Examples of Organizational Complexity

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Organizational complexity is the amount of resources involved in an organization, department, team, system, process or project. It can be measured in several ways:


The number of people that need to be involved to get something done. If fifty people are involved in changing a pixel on a web page, an organization is reasonably complex.


Activities such as the number of steps in a process or number of meetings you need to have to get something done.

Function Points

The number of functional requirements implemented by a system. A common way to measure software complexity.

Data Points

The number of data items considered in a process or decision.


The number of parts in a machine.

Organizational Structure

The number of structures and roles in an organization such as teams and managers.
Overview: Organizational Complexity
Definition (1)
The amount of resources used by an organizational structure, system, process or project.
Definition (2)
The intricacy and size of an organizational structure, system, process or project.
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