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What is Out Of The Box Failure?

 , updated on January 27, 2017
Out of the box failure is a perceived failure that occurs immediately after the purchase of a product or service. It can be particularly damaging to brand value as it occurs just as customer expectations are likely to be high. The following are common types of out of the box failure.

Quality Control

Items that are broken or low quality such as food with a poor taste.


Items that require a complex configuration before they perform to customer expectations. For example, a laptop that begins with an installation that asks customers technical questions such as whether their hardware is 32 or 64 bits.


Items that aren't fully functional without an additional purchase. Occurs when information such as advertising has given the customer the impression a base item is fully functional.


Greeting a new customer with intrusive promotions such as pop up messages.

Customer Service

An immediate failure of customer service. For example, a salesperson who is friendly in their pitch but cold and unresponsive after you buy.


Functionality that doesn't meet expectations.

Unpopular Features

Unpopular features such as a device that beeps in a distracting way.


Usability issues such as a touchscreen that doesn't respond to touch properly.


Bugs such as errors or functions that don't perform to reasonable expectations.
Overview: Out Of The Box Failure
Product Failure
Service Failure
A perceived failure that occurs immediately after the purchase of a product or service.
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