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14 Examples of Performance Improvement

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Performance improvement is the evaluation of performance followed by efforts to improve that performance. It is a repeated process that can be applied to organizations, teams and individuals. The following are common types of performance improvement.


Directly achieving more revenue such as a sales team that needs to start closing more sales.


Doing more work. For example, a software developer who completes 1000 lines of code a month who improves their throughput to 1000 lines a week.


Doing more with less such as a maintenance team that is able to cut business travel costs by using a digital twin to inspect infrastructure remotely.


Doing more in an hour of work. For example, an employee who finds a way to get through their daily emails in 20 minutes as opposed to 3 hours.


Improving the value of your output such as an employee who improves the content and professional style of their business emails.

Customer Experience

Improving things for the customer such as making a product more usable or a service more friendly.


Acquiring and refining valuable knowledge. For example, a solar panel manufacturer that develops advance knowledge of battery systems in preparation for launching a new product line.


Valuable change to processes such as an ecommerce company that is able to return and reuse the boxes they send to customers in order to reduce their environmental impact and costs.


Introducing or improving internal controls. For example, implementing segregation of duties such that different people approve sales deals and manage sales teams to prevent conflict of interest.

Risk Management

Risk management improvements such as maintenance workers who physically point at things as they inspect them to reduce the risk of human error.


Improving communications such as a manager who improves team meetings to be more useful to the team.


Leadership improvements such as a skilled software developer who begins to mentor team members and provide technical direction to products.


Improvements to team culture such as a sales team that adopts the habit of sharing lessons learned for opportunities that failed to close.


Increasing the resilience of an organization, team or individual to stress. For example, a team that is completely cross-trained such that every member can perform every other member's role including management. Such a team can continue to operate when someone gets sick or quits.
Overview: Performance Improvement
The evaluation of performance followed by efforts to improve that performance.
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