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11 Types of Problem Recognition

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Problem recognition is the process of a consumer identifying a need to buy something. It is a basic type of consumer behavior that is relevant to marketing activities such as advertising a new product. The following are basic types of problem recognition.

Natural Depletion

A consumer identifies a need to restock something they purchase regularly. For example, a consumer is running low on their favorite shampoo.

End of Life

A product breaks or ages beyond its useful lifespan. For example, software that is out of support.

Routine Problems

A consumer buys something new from a product category from which they regularly purchase. For example, an avid reader needs a few new books.


A consumer is dissatisfied with a product or service and seeks to replace it.

Lifestyle Changes

A consumer makes a change to their habits or situation. For example, the birth of a child, moving to a new city or beginning a new hobby. A lifestyle change may trigger a large number of purchases.


A consumer is seeking to improve things. This includes diverse needs such as home improvement, physical fitness, health, education, self-improvement,peak experiences and self-fulfillment. For example, a consumer who establishes a goal to get a promotion at work may purchase books about leadership.

Social Information

Learning about a new type of product from word of mouth. For example, a mobile device user who hears about a useful app that everyone is using.

Marketing Messages

A customer is influenced by a marketing message such as a commercial. For example, a consumer sees a trailer for a movie and decides they must see it.

Fear of Missing Out

A consumer decides that something is going on that they are about to miss. This can be a big sale that drives a consumer to identify new purchases they wouldn't have otherwise made. Other things that can trigger a fear of missing out are shortages and trendy new products.

Social Competition

Social competition such as noticing that all the neighbors have new solar panels on their roofs.


A desire not to fall behind change. This includes enthusiasts of a product category who are always purchasing the newest thing. It also includes people who fear they have fallen too far behind the pace of change. For example, a skier who fears their equipment is starting to look dated.
Overview: Problem Recognition
The process by which a consumer identifies a need to buy something.
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