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12 Types of Product Concept

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A product concept is a high level statement of the value of a product or service. Where developing a product can be a highly technical task steeped in details, customers may only think of your product in terms of a concept that can be described in a few words. Defining a valuable concept for a product and using this in as a guiding principle of product development is a basic marketing practice. It is common to work with a large number of product concepts and only develop the small percentage that show the most promise. The following are common elements of a product concept.


Products that save customers time and make things easier.


User interfaces that are pleasing and productive to use.


The non-functional qualities of a product such as durability and reliability.

Functionality & Performance

Products that solve customer problems such as efficient solar panels or fast bicycles.


A price-based concept such as "affordable luxury."


A product for a lifestyle such as a car designed for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing or snowboarding.


Products that are designed to communicate wealth or another type of status such as conspicuous conservation.


A product that exemplifies a culture, subculture or super-culture. For example, wine with a well known terroir.


Products that reduce a risk such as healthy food or a safe vehicle.


Products that conform to the customer's values in areas such as environmental stewardship, animal welfare and fairness to people.


The end-to-end customer experience such as the experience of buying, unpackaging, viewing, touching and tasting a macaron.

Quality of Life

A product that frees a customer from something they find unpleasant. For example, a mobile device with few features for customers who value simplicity.
Overview: Product Concept
A high-level statement of the value of a product or service.
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