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10+ Product Management Techniques

 , December 28, 2016 updated on January 14, 2023
Product management is the practice of managing a portfolio of products throughout their lifecycle from concept to end-of-life. This can be thought of as the strategic management of product development and product marketing. The following are common product management techniques and considerations.
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Service Life

A definition of service life with several examples.

Product Development

A guide to product development.

Product Strategy

A checklist for developing a product strategy.

Product Differentiation

An overview of product differentiation.

Product vs Service

The business difference between products and services.

Moment Of Truth

A definition of moment of truth with a few examples.

Product Value

A definition of product value with examples.

Product vs Feature

The difference between a product and a feature.


A definition of productization with examples.

Target Costing

A definition of target costing with examples.

Market Fit

A definition of market fit with examples.

Service Development

The steps to develop and launch a new service.


A few examples of marketing distribution.

Marketing Channel

A list of common marketing channels.

Distribution Definition

Marketing distribution explained.

Sales Channel vs Marketing Channel

The difference between a sales channel and a marketing channel.

Distribution Strategy

A list of common distribution strategies.


An overview of product showrooms as a marketing strategy.

Channel Conflict

A definition of channel conflict with examples.

Digital Channels

A definition of digital channel with examples.

Channel Pricing

A definition of channel pricing with examples.

Channel Management

The definition of channel management with examples.
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