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29 Examples of Product Value

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Product value is the perceived worth of a product or service in the eyes of customers. It is a key concept in product development and pricing. If you can develop a product that has significant value to customers at a price that is perceived as fair, it may sell well. The following are illustrative examples of product value.


A video editing tool that offers all the functionality a filmmaker could ever want.


A bicycle designed for city life with a basket on the front.


An email tool that is easy to use with functions that work as users expect.


A taxi that is easy to order.

Customization & Control

Business software with a skinnable user interface that firms or users can customize to maximize their productivity.


A mobile device that doesn't break.


A market data service that is always up.


A luxury watch with a refined design that triggers admiration in customers.


A product or service that doesn't harm people or planet.

Fault Tolerance

An aircraft that continues to fly when it encounters errors in systems or components.


Soap that's easy to open that doesn't feel overpackaged.


A car that tries not to hit things with functionality such as auto braking and blind spot monitoring.


A food with ingredients that are perceived as healthy.


Food that tastes good to a particular customer.


A hotel with well designed rooms that make use of high quality materials.


A resort with a beachfront location on a popular beach.


Fashion that is perceived as stylish by a customer.


Solar panels that efficiently covert available solar energy into power.


A solar panel system with a battery such that it's available when the grid goes down.

Customer Service

An airline with friendly and professional flight crews relative to the competition.


A lively cafe that is often filled with interesting people.


A rechargeable battery that is a standard size.


An investment vehicle with historically high returns.


A rechargeable battery that can be charged thousands of times without a noticeable decline in performance.


A navigational app that is updated frequently such that it doesn't list restaurants that have gone out of business.


A comedy that is funny.


A video game that's addictive and fulfilling.


A pen that saturates paper with ink at the speed that a customer prefers.


A wine that a customer perceives to have a good reputation based on reviews or factors such as appellation, brand, vineyard or vintage.
Overview: Product Value
The perceived worth of a product or service in the eyes of customers.
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