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14 Types of Program Controls

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Program controls are processes, procedures, reports, checks, audits and systems that are put in place to manage programs. Controls are systematic practices that can be consistently applied. They compliment the leadership aspects of program management that are more dynamic and people-focused. The following are common types of program control.


Validating project estimates with techniques such as reference class forecasting.

Financial Controls

Financial controls such as a segregation of duties between project accounting and reconciliation processes.

Earned Value Management

Measuring project performance and progress.

Schedule Analysis

Measuring project performance and progress in terms of time.

Risk Management

Identifying and treating risks.

Health & Safety

Health & safety controls such as human error prevention programs.


Procurement processes and segregation of duties in handling requisition, purchase orders and invoices.

Vendor Management

Vendor management such as a regular evaluation of vendor performance.

Document Control

Processes and systems for document control.

Performance Management

Performance management processes for project teams including project managers.

Project Governance

Oversight of project management processes and assurance that methodologies and standards are applied appropriately.


Processes for learning from issues and developing capabilities and knowledge to improve.


Identifying and managing cross-project dependencies.


Measuring and reporting program and project metrics to give program stakeholders visibility.
Overview: Program Controls
Processes, procedures, reports, checks, audits and systems that are put in place to manage programs.
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