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Project Management
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Project Management

42 Steps of Project Management

 , September 02, 2015 updated on February 21, 2023
Project management is the practice of planning, organizing and controlling formal initiatives of change. This is an intuitive process that involves defining a project, planning it, delivering work, monitoring & control and closing. The following are common steps in the project management process.
1. Project scope
2. Identify stakeholders
3. Project goals and objectives
4. Project success criteria
5. Feasibility studies
6. Project charter
7. Project kickoff meeting
8. Resource plan
9. Requirements gathering
10. Cost and schedule estimates
11. Define deliverables and milestones
12. Work breakdown structure
13. Project schedule
14. Project budget
15. Project plan
16. Communication plan
17. Risk management plan
18. Quality management plan
19. Stakeholder management plan
20. Change management plan
21. Procurement plan
22. Assign roles and responsibilities
23. Project architecture and design
24. Project delivery
25. Project status reports
26. Monitor and manage project risks
27. Manage issues
28. Monitor performance and progress
29. Manage budget, schedule and milestone achievement
30. Manage quality
31. Manage communications
32. Manage stakeholders
33. Manage changes
34. Project governance, reviews and evaluations
35. Project quality control
36. User acceptance testing
37. Finalize deliverables
38. Acceptance & signoff
39. Project launch
40. Project transition e.g. period of hand-off to operations
41. Lessons learned
42. Project close

Project Management

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