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3 Examples of Project Productivity

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Project productivity is a measure of labor productivity for a project or program. This is based on the productivity formula using parameters that are commonly tracked on projects. The following are illustrative examples.

Earned Value

The productivity formula is typically based on the value of output as a dollar amount.
productivity = output / hours worked
If you use earned value as an estimate of output, productivity can be calculated with the total hours worked on the project. For example, a project with earned value of $190,000 and 2000 hours worked:
productivity = $190,000/2000 = $95 / hour
Productivity only measures labor and should not be confused with efficiency that includes all costs.

Story Points

Productivity can be measured in abstract project terms such as story points that are used to estimate tasks. For example, a project that has implemented 1200 story points in 1700 hours.
Productivity = 1200/1700 = 0.71 story points / hour

Lines of Code

Productivity can also be estimated by looking at the product itself with metrics such as lines of code. For example, a software project that has produced 200,000 lines of code in 1900 hours:
Productivity = 200,000 / 1900 = 105 lines of code / hour
This is a particularly poor and distracting metric for modern development whereby large sections of code may be autogenerated or reused. It is arbitrarily easy to inflate the size of code if you're productivity is being measured in this way.
Overview: Project Productivity
A measure of labor productivity for a project or program.
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