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7 Examples of Public Infrastructure

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Public infrastructure are facilities, structures, equipment, services and institutions that are essential to the economy and quality of life of a nation, region or city. The following are illustrative examples.

Transport Infrastructure

Bridges, roads, bicycle paths, sidewalks, airports and rail services.

Wet Infrastructure

Water supply, water treatment, water resource management, flood management and coastal restoration infrastructure.

Energy Infrastructure

Grids, power stations, wind turbines and solar panels.

Information Infrastructure

Basic communication and network services.


Institutions of government such as a parliament, courts and regulatory bodies that provide social, economic and environmental stability.


Critical institutions in areas such as education, culture, health, social services and finance.

Public Space

Parks, beaches, gardens, historical sites, nature reserves and other public spaces.
Overview: Public Infrastructure
Facilities, structures, equipment, services and institutions that are essential to the economy and quality of life of a nation, region or city.
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