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7 Types of Public Relations

 , December 13, 2015 updated on September 11, 2017
Public relations is the process of managing an organization's communications with stakeholders. This plays a role in the reputation, compliance, marketing, risk and crisis management of a firm. The following are common types of public relations.

Media Relations

Establishing relationships with media organizations and individuals and acting as a source for media content.

Investor Relations

Organizing investor events and the release of financial reports, regulatory filings and press releases. Responding to inquiries from analysts, investors and the media.

Government Relations

Representing your organization with government representatives in areas such as fair competition, consumer protection, risk management, environment, quality of life and workplace health and safety.

Community Relations

Engaging the communities that you impact to establish a positive reputation in areas such as environmental stewardship, employment, health & safety and quality of life.

Internal Communication

Public relations may be involved in communicating certain important messages to employees. For example, they may organize employee events such as a yearly kickoff meeting. Public relations may also manage sensitive releases to employees such as the details of a product launch that aren't yet public knowledge.

Customer Relations

The process of responding to sensitive or complex customer inquiries. Public relations may also play a role in building relationships with lead users and gathering market research such as voice of the customer.

Marketing Communications

Supporting marketing objectives in areas such as product launch, demand generation and brand awareness.
Overview: Public Relations
DefinitionThe process of managing an organization's communications with stakeholders.
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