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Retargeting vs Remarketing

 , March 22, 2016
Remarketing is a promotion strategy that follows up on recent customer interactions with advertising or other techniques such as personal selling and direct marketing. Retargetting is a similar term that is specific to advertising techniques that follow up on recent customer interactions.
The practice of remarketing is as old as marketing itself. If a potential customer visits a salesroom but doesn't make a purchase, the salesperson will typically call them in a few days to follow up. Remarketing is often effective because it promotes to customers while they appear to be in the market for your products.
Retargeting is a digital advertising technique that is a type of remarketing. It involves serving ads to customers after they have visited your website. Several digital advertising firms have the ability to serve such ads across a large number of partners and ad exchanges. This means that you can often get ads in front of a customer shortly after they leave your site.
Overview: Retargeting vs Remarketing
TypePromotion Strategy
Remarketing DefinitionFollowing up on recent customer interactions with promotional techniques.
Retargeting DefinitionFollowing up on recent customer interactions with targeted digital advertising.
Related ConceptsAdvertising Strategy


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