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Sales Channel vs Marketing Channel

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A sales channel is a means of selling a product or service to customers.
A marketing channel is a means of selling and delivering a product or service to customers.

Sales Channel vs Marketing Channel

Marketing channels are always sales channels but sales channels aren't necessarily marketing channels.
Sales channels are a means to generate sales. In some cases, sales channels deliver customer data as leads or orders and have nothing to do with actual delivery of products and services. For example, sales channels may include sales outsourcing partners who sell a service but aren't at all involved in delivery.
Marketing channels both make sales and deliver the obligations related to the product or service such as order fulfillment, customer service, customer experience and returns. Examples of marketing channels include retail locations, wholesalers, ecommerce sites and value added resellers.
Sales Channel vs Marketing Channel
Sales Channel
Marketing Channel
A means of selling a product or service.
A means of selling and delivering a product or service.


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